Cut down on fatty food

At 30, a fatty burger will mean more than a "spare tire"! Before you step into your 30th birthday, it is best that you alter your poor dietary habits. Introduce more roughage to your diet, eat fruits and vegetables, and give preference to home-cooked healthy meals.

Of course, cutting out on fast food entirely is not needed, but making a conscious choice of better food options is a must.

Drinking like there's no tomorrow? Stop!

Chugging beer and downing rounds of tequila is just so "twenties"! Older is wiser, and the wisest is the one who understands that binging is not as thrilling (not for your body at least). It is best to start cutting down on your alcohol intake in the late twenties. The same applies to smoking too.

Learn the art of "not" getting into unnecessary fights

As you grow older, you realize that most issues can either be solved through a civilized talk session or are not worth the attention. Throwing punches in a bar only makes you look stupid.

Commitment is not a monster!

Many men in their 20s dread committing to a relationship, mostly because "there is so much more to experience" in life. By 30, one has already experienced enough, and it is safe to say that commitment does not feel as scary.

Ditch texting, pick up the phone and call

The urge to deal with important issues over a text and avoid a phone call is actually a very bad habit. Texts do not portray true emotions and can end up worsening the situation.

A study published in the Journal of Couple and Relationship Therapy has revealed that men who text their partner multiple times a day--about mundane things like resolving arguments or making decisions--reported lower relationship quality. Researchers believe that texting causes you to miss the emotional reactions that you get when you have a conversation in person.

Outgrow reckless driving

Speeding, drunk driving, and texting while driving are not acceptable at any age. And at 30, such reckless behaviours are absolutely immature. It does not only put your life in danger but is also a nuisance for others.

Someone has rightly said, "If you cannot control yourself when behind the wheel, hang up the car keys before you kill yourself or worse, someone else. Take the bus."

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