Here is a peek at what you can expect:

Mmm... Mediterranean

Get spoiled with your choices at the Mediterranean night buffet dinner at the weekend- Thursday-Friday-Saturday. Live shwarma station, lamb ouzi with oriental rice, chicken zurbian (rice), vegetable salona, kafta bil laban, prawn tagine, lamb bamia, muhalabia, kunafa basbousa are some of the must try items.

It's Italian!

Off to an Italian themed night on every Sunday and Monday. Try their pizza margarita, calamari rings, slow cooked beef ribs/oven roast lamb leg, rosemary mushroom risotto, Italian meatballs, tiramisu cake, lemon meringue tarts and much more.

Scrumptious seafood

For seafood fans, the seafood temptation buffet dinner is highly recommended, available every Tuesday and Wednesday. This seafood night features a fresh mix of your favorite catch from tiger prawns and smoked salmon, seafood thermidor, squid pad ki mao, mussels and Brussels sprouts salad, seafood paella with saffron, squid stuffed with risotto rice on lemon butter sauce and so on.

These different cuisine buffets are on every night of the week from 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm only at Tk 4500 net per person. For reservations and details +8801966662152. Bon appetit!