What changes do you want in the New Year? Cross out the checklist


We make so many plans keeping the New Year ahead! Self-development, debt payment, savings, spending more time with family, losing the extra weight- the list keeps going.

Some of this ‘resolutions’ are applicable for every single year. These seem to never be achieved quite right. So, exclude them this year. Think on a smaller scale. How?

For example, let’s assume you want to lose five kilograms. First set a target of losing at least one kilogram in January of 2024. Take smaller steps towards a bigger goal. Here’s a possible list of lifestyle changes you can make in the new year.

· People like to be around positive people with a smiling face. So put on a smile and face any situation with a positive attitude.

· Learn something new. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of learning something new in any year.

· Know what are you eating and who are your closest persons or friends. Because, your physical and mental health come before everything else.

· The family you have created is more important than the family you came from.

· Be confident. Say no to things you don’t consent to or find illogical, with confidence.

· Help people without doubts. The pleasure and satisfaction it will give you has no match. That’s what you gain. Don’t hope to get something else in return from the person you helped.

· Everything’s changing fast, even the field of knowledge. Constantly introduce yourself to new knowledge.

· Have at least eight hours of sound sleep every day. Keep yourself hydrated with enough water, coconut water and health drinks.

· Form a habit of going on a walk alone sometimes. Enjoy your own company. At the end of the day it’s you own personal journey after all.

· Engage in such an activity every day that gives you pleasure. It could be spending time with children or pets, drawing, gardening, hang out with friends, travelling, long conversations, playing football or cricket and so on. There’s no alternative to living in happiness.

· Control your emotions and show reactions less.

· Don’t get scared or panic. Try to manage every situation calmly.

· Don’t waste your time thinking about something that’s beyond your control.

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