Eid-ul-Azha, one of the two major religious festivals for the Muslim community, is to be celebrated tomorrow, Thursday. Hajj is one of the five mandatory practices in Islam. It’s a 'farz' or compulsory to perform hajj for every capable Muslim. And a prominent part of hajj is the rite of qurbani or sacrifice.

Alike every other year, millions of devoted Muslims have gathered at Arafat in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Makkah to perform hajj. Just like all other countries, a huge number of devoted Muslims from Bangladesh have also traveled to Saudi Arabia on this occasion.

Various problems plague the hajj journey every year. Sometimes it’s flight-related issues while some other times many people fail to go for hajj due to scams from hajj agencies even after paying the total cost.

Though there has been uneasiness and anguish among public regarding the unnaturally high cost of hajj flights, the hajj journey has been quite hassle-free this time. Hopefully, the return journey of the hajj pilgrims will be safe as well.

Eid stands for joy while qurbani means sacrifice. Allah had ordered Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice most favourite thing. Hazrat Ibrahim then took his beloved son Ismail (AS) out to sacrifice. This way he showed his obedience to Allah. Then at the will of Allah, a sheep was sacrificed in place of Ismail (AS).

Following this Sunnah (Islamic practice) of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), that sacrifice was later made compulsory for Muslims of the next generations. Not only those who perform hajj, every capable Muslim performs the rite of sacrifice.

Eid-ul-Azha brings the message of peace, harmony and joy for us. Muslims make sacrifices through the rite of qurbani while extending a hand of compassion towards the less capable ones.

That’s why it shouldn’t be just a ritual rather the significance of this sacrifice has to be spread everywhere. According to Islamic guidelines, animals can be sacrifices on the day of the Eid (Thursday) and the next two days.

Agencies under the local government work to ensure that the environment isn’t polluted by the spilled blood and other wastes of sacrificial animals. It needs to be ensured that the cleaning staff employed by them performs their duties properly. Besides, as a citizen it is necessary for everyone to play a role in this matter.

Qurbani is a sort of worship and it cannot be desirable for the wastes of the sacrificial animals to pollute the environment, while performing that worship.

Waste from the animals that are sacrificed on the occasion of Eid, has to be cleared away fast. Even, the hide cannot be left aside for long.

It is only expected that everyone concerned will come forward to ensure a hygienic environment. Even the economy of Bangladesh also rejuvenates centering this qurbani. In fact, farmers rear cattle throughout the year keeping the day ahead to get a good price for them.

When Eid is being celebrated across the country, people involved in informal professions including day labourers are going through vulnerable times because of the unnatural inflation in the country.

It is also our duty to extend a hand of sympathy towards them. Let the joy of Eid as well as the significance of sacrifice spread to every single house.

Greetings of Eid-ul-Azha to all our readers, writers, customers, hawkers, advertisers and well-wishers. Eid Mubarak.