Will Dhaka University authorities be awaked

EditorialProthom Alo illustration

Most of the people in our country silently accept injustice, mismanagement and irregularities. They think let the thing go the way it is going on. But on the contrary some people come forward not for the sake of their own interest rather for the welfare of the general people.

How will we take the lone protest of Dhaka University student Abul Hasnat Abdullah on 30 August? Through the protest, he did not only present his own problems but also the overall administrative mismanagement and irregularities.

In his 8-point demand to get hassle-free service, Hasnat has sought to stop harassment of the students, formation of a cell to bring the officials and employees under the accountability, degitialisation of all administrative activities, setting up CCTV at each room of offices, and officials to refrain from personal, business and political activities.

He also said the officials and employees have to be trained up in administrative work.

There is no scope to disagree with these demands of Abdullah. The accountability of officials and employees of not only the university but also any organisation is a must to perform administrative work perfectly. Many unknown information has come up to find out the root cause of it.

Dhaka University authorities show excuse of shortage of manpower. But the crisis of manpower is not the main problem. The main problem is to recruit incompetent persons. Those, who are recruited due to political influence, they usually do not care any rules and regulations. They have no obligation for the university. They remain obliged to those who recommend their recruitment.

All students have to face sufferings to get administrative services. After coming to the power in 2009, the Awami League government has been talking about digital Bangladesh. But the administrative work of the country's oldest university is being run in the old system. As a result, the students have to repeatedly go to the administrative building to get services. Their study is hampered for this, but the officials and the university administration have failed to realise that. A student with placard has publicly protested the administrative mismanagement. Despite that, if the authorities do not awake, it implies officials are blind.

According to Abul Hasnat Abdullah, vice chancellor Akhtaruzzaman has termed the demands logical and he assures of modernisation of the services. Meanwhile, some offices have already been modernised. The VC has to prove his commitment through work.

Students of the university that is marked as Bangladesh’s pride has completed its hundred years, being the victim of such trouble and hassle this way, cannot be tolerated in any way.

There is a vice-chancellor, two pro vice-chancellors and a registrar at the university, yet why can no officers be held accountable? For ensuring quality administrative service of the university, all recruitment has to be based on eligibility and skills.

Then again, accountability has to be guaranteed, so that none can consider it a ‘permanent arrangement’ after getting an appointment. All sorts of recruitment under political consideration has to be stopped too.