This shocking information came out in a report of Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID). And the masterminds behind this forgery were three police officers from Moulvibazar Sadar and Kamalganj police stations.

CID inspector Probir Kumar Ghosh said, those police officers did this in collusion with a gang of agents. In exchange, Tk 4,000 to 5,000 was collected from each of the citizens.

In that way that agent gang extorted at least Tk 2.7 million. And a large share of that went to the concerned police officials.

From making passports to joining government jobs or going abroad, police investigation and clearance are obligatory everywhere. But, what are they investigating, surfaced in police department’s own investigation.

Despite being permanent residents, many people do not get police clearances. They have to go to police month after month. And, evidence is being found again and again that Rohingyas, without being Bangladeshi citizens, are making passports with police clearance.

It is not that this incident of collecting fake clearances is happening in Moulvibazar only. Clearance is given such temporary residents by faking their identity permanent residents in every district of Bangladesh.

In Moulvibazar, a case has been filed against three police officers in connection to providing fake police clearance. Out of three, two accused are on bail while, the other accused is on the run.

Where the responsibility of investigating a case lodged against police members is entrusted on police, it is difficult to find justice there.

The commission formed to reform the police department during the regime of the caretaker government, had recommended separation of law enforcing and investigating agencies. Those who do not want to see transparency and accountability in the police department didn’t let that recommendation be implemented.

The police department’s prestige and trustworthiness is involved in the incident of Moulvibazar police providing fake clearance. Such incidents are placing the role of police department in question.

In this backdrop, it can be hoped that people providing fake clearance and members of the agent gangs that assisted them will be brought to justice.

It is often announced from the police department that all are equal in eye of law. We want to see the reflection of this in real life.

Let all the police officials who are helping human traffickers in the name of providing fake clearance, not just in Moulvibazar but everywhere else in the country, be brought to book.

In doing so, the police department will not only regain public’s trust, but also be able to reduce human trafficking to a great extent.

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