Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) for years has been plundering in the name of allocating plots of land in the capital city. People loyal to the government including lawmakers, top government officials and professionals, get these plots. This gave rise to news headlines on “Awami League village” and “BNP village,” given the scale of irregularities and anarchy in allotting of RAJUK plots. And anyone elected as member of parliament is certain to get a RAJUK plot.

On 14 February, Prothom Alo ran a report with the headline “MPs allotted plots in Dhaka flouting rules”. According to the report, at least 285 people have been allotted various types of plots in the reserved quota by Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) over the last three years. Of them, 149 people are incumbent and former members of parliament (MPs) while others range from top bureaucrats to office assistants as well as former Chhatara League and Mahila Awami League leaders.


As per the report, plots were to be allotted to persons who have special contribution to government service, public service and other fields of national importance. However, political consideration has got priority during each and every government.

According to RAJUK rules and a letter sent by the housing and public works ministry to RAJUK – reference no.-admin-6/RAJ-66/98-114-1(113) - persons applying for a plot will not be allotted a plot under the reserved quota if the applicant, his/her spouse or any of his/her family members owns or gets lease of any residential land, house, plot or flat in the area under the jurisdiction of RAJUK.

RAJUK is allotting plots to those who already have houses and flats. And so persons who have the right to get plots, have been deprived. This must stop

Many of those who have been allotted RAJUK plots in the recent past, already own land, houses and flats in Dhaka. Ministers and lawmaker are among them. That means those who make the law, have violatied the law for these extra privileges and helped the party men to do the same. One such lawmaker argued, saying, “Since everyone have taken (the plots), I also applied for it.” What sort of justification is this? Other people were allotted the plots flouting rules, that is why he has done the same!

There are instances where RAJUK has cancelled the allotment of other people’s plots on various excuses, so that these could be allocated to ministers, lawmakers and influential individuals. RAJUK has cancelled the allotment of US expatriate Abul Kashem’s plot though he paid the installments regularly. The excuse was they didn’t receive the second installment. If the RAJUK had not received the second installment, how come they took the next ones?


RAJUK said they allotted it as per the list sent by the public works ministry. So what are the RAJUK chairman, the secretary and the board of directors doing? The scams over the allotment of RAJUK plots has no limit. A businessperson named Golden Monir had allegedly managed to get some 200 plots from RAJUK.

Plots are to be given to the persons who don’t own houses or flats in Dhaka but have made contributions to national development in their respective fields. But RAJUK is allotting plots to those who already have houses and flats. And so persons who have the right to get plots, have been deprived. This must stop.

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