Corrections to be made in the textbooks for sixth, seventh grade


The science book for sixth graders, Bigyan Onushandhai Path (science research studies) which was prepared based on the new curriculum, has topics related to puberty from page 119 to page 123. However, there are chances that the teachers might feel uncomfortable while teaching some parts on these pages to sixth graders, especially in combined schools where boys and girls learn together. Therefore, the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) have decided to make some corrections and instruct the teachers accordingly.

According to the draft of the instructions, while teaching this specific portion of the book, the teachers will encourage the students to read the topic on their own or to discuss it in groups. However, in case of a combined classroom, if there are risks of emergence of an untoward situation while teaching this topic, the teachers will ask the students to read the chapter individually. Corrections have been made on at least seven other pages of the book.

Line 9 of the song mentioned on page 9 of the textbook for the seventh grade named ‘Art and Culture’ is missing. That line has been included in the correction.

In this way, the draft of the corrections for all the discrepancies in the textbooks of sixth and seventh grade, which is developed based on the new curriculum, has been prepared.

According to the sources in the NCTBa A soft copy of the finalised corrections will be sent to the headmasters of the schools through the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. It will be sent to the headmasters after the Eid vacation. The headmasters will then send the instructions to students through specific class teachers and they will ask the students to make the corrections in the book following the instructions provided by the NCTB.

Speaking to Prothom Alo on Monday, NCTB chairman Md Farhadul Islam said, “The work on corrections is underway at the moment. It will be sent to the schools after the corrections are finalised.”

Classes for the first, sixth and seventh graders started from 1 January following the new curriculum. The new curriculum will be introduced to other classes gradually. The textbooks will be changed in the new curriculum. However, in the face of controversy, the NCTB had to withdraw two textbooks written for the students of sixth and seventh grade named ‘History and Social Science: An Inquiry-based Reader’.

At first the NCTB announced that they would make corrections for the mistakes in the textbook named ‘History and Social Science: Activity Book’ for the students of sixth and seventh grade and another textbook written for the sixth graders named Bigyan Onushandhai Path (science research studies). However, later, they decided to make corrections for mistakes in all the textbooks for the students of sixth and seventh grade. Although three months of the new academic session have elapsed, the NCTB is yet to finalise the corrections.

On condition of anonymity, a top official of the NCTB told Prothom Alo that this time they are focusing mainly on spelling mistakes and factual mistakes. However, they will bring several changes in the textbook for the students of sixth and seventh grade next year.

Corrections made in the textbooks for sixth grade

Corrections have been made on at least four pages of the Bengali textbook for the sixth grade. For instance there are mentions of ‘tui’, ‘tora’ and ‘toke’ (informal versions for you, etc, in Bengali), on the page 6 of the Bengali textbook. It was changed to ‘tui’, ‘tor’ (informal version for yours in Bengali) and ‘toke’. On page 71, the name of Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain’s father’s name was mistakenly mentioned as Zaheer Mohammad Abu Ali Saber. However, it will be Zaheeruddin Mohammad Abu Ali Haider Saber, as per the corrections. On page 115 of the book, there is mention of the Bengali word ‘hurahuri’ (commotion). As per the correction, it will be ‘kolahal’ (commotion).

Apart from these, corrections have been made on at least seven pages of the textbook of the science research studies. For instance, it has been said mistakenly on page 20 that nitrogen is used to douse fire. However, it is carbon dioxide which is used to douse fire. Besides, it was said on the page 148 that light refracts when it moves from one medium to another in the same way. However, according to the corrections given by the NCTB, it will be reflection instead of refraction.

Besides, there will be several corrections in the textbooks of art and culture and mathematics.

Corrections in seventh grade textbooks

The NCTB has prepared a draft to make some corrections on 22 pages of the Bengali textbook for the seventh grade.

Besides, it has been said on page 97 of the textbook of Digital Technology that, “On 15 August 1971, the naval commandos of Sector-10 of the Liberation War attacked the fleet of the Pakistani invasion forces together. The ‘Akashabani’ aired a song at the time of the attack.”

According to the corrections suggested by the NCTB, the naval commandos initiated the attack hearing a specific song on Akashbani.’

Besides, there will be corrections on at least 17 pages of the textbook ‘Art and Culture’. Corrections will be made on at least four pages of the seventh grade textbook of science research studies.