How Adnan stood first in BUET admission test

Adnan Ahmed, a student from Notre Dame College, stood first in the admission test for Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) this year. He was interviewed by Tanvir Rahman

Prothom Alo:

Congratulations! How does it feel to be the first?

It feels good to secure the first position in an institution that my preparations were intended for.

Prothom Alo:

It is not an easy task to become the first. What do you think is crucial for such a success?

I think the most important thing is patience and the mindset of not giving up. A student has to go through many examinations before the intake test, and it is not like – all tests will yield expected results. There will be expected results in some exams and there will not be in some. Here, one must maintain consistency and put their utmost efforts to attain the goal.

Prothom Alo:

Did you follow any special tricks?

My preparations were solely focused on BUET, and I did not compromise on the effort. I remained calm in the exam hall, as panicking may lead to mistakes even in known answers.

Prothom Alo:

How was the overall preparation?

I attended classes online and exams offline. I used to stay up late at night during the preparation. Sometimes, I would begin my study in the evening and go to bed after morning prayers.

Adnan Ahmed
Prothom Alo:

Did you feel like being the first earlier?

After taking the exam, I realised that I might be among the top positions, but I was not overly confident about being the first.

Prothom Alo:

What advice would you give to those who will take the intake tests in the future?

One should keep a cool head and study with understanding; instead of going for rote learning. Besides, it needs to take care of health.

Prothom Alo:

Have you been a good student since childhood?

My school was in Chattogram, it was Chittagong Government High School. I moved to Dhaka in early 2022 after getting admitted to Notre Dame College.

I used to stay in a four-member room in a hostel. Here, I faced various difficulties in terms of food, bedding and health. I had been sick most of the time, but I did not care about it. I would try to maintain consistency in my study.

I would study round the clock, except for the breaks for sleep, prayers and meals. I would remain alert so that the times are not wasted. Hailing from Chattogram, I got admitted to one of the best colleges in the country. All (dear and near ones) had expectations surrounding me, and I would study with the expectations in my mind.

Prothom Alo:

Many have certainly contributed to this journey?

Of course, especially my parents. I mostly had breakfast with my mother. I used to get up early and begin my study, with no time to have breakfast. My mom used to feed me. My father worked hard too. From abroad, he provided support and motivation.

Prothom Alo:

Have you decided which discipline will you take up?

Yes, I have decided to study Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at BUET. It is my long-cherished desire. I want to join a giant tech company as a software engineer and it led me to the selection.