ISD organises the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Summer Camp

To provide a unique and enriching experience for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the International School Dhaka (ISD) organised the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Summer Camp in partnership with Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy for the second time.

The summer camp was held on school campus at the ISD Design Lab from 19-23 June. The five-day summer camp gave all participating students the opportunity to learn and equip themselves with the basic knowledge to start their journey in advanced programming language and robotics.

The summer camp provided mechanical foundations in advanced assembly with Lego and VEX Robotics, cutting-edge coding and computational thinking in advanced programming languages (C++), dynamic planning of robotic automation and behavior infused with futuristic concepts, Artificial Intelligence Integration for Next-Gen robotics, and engaging hands-on activities and futuristic challenges for practical application. All the 19 students from both the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme received CMRA (Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy) certificates.

George Oswald J. Carrington, Design Teacher at the International School Dhaka, commented, “With robotics and Artificial Intelligence becoming the cornerstones of the future, we, as educators, are committed to preparing the younger generation to lead in innovation and technology. Through our partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, students assembled and programmed robots, overcoming multiple challenges that required critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills, all of which are essential in preparing students for the future."

He said, "This whole process strengthened their analytical abilities and taught them the value of perseverance and strategic thinking. Gaining learning experiences in robotics gives students a wide range of opportunities and provides them with a competitive edge and readiness for the ever-changing future ahead.”

Since 1979, Carnegie Mellon University has been a world leader in computer science, robotics research, and graduate education. Last year, under the ISD 2.0 strategy, the International School of Dhaka collaborated with Carnegie Mellon University to enhance the knowledge of young minds with robotic programs from world-renowned experts. This year, they have again brought exhilarating educational opportunities to enthusiastic students through a summer camp, where ISD learners from both the Middle Years Program (MYP) and Diploma Program (DP), as well as students from partner schools in the community, gained extensive knowledge about STEM.