Like previous year, two more Bangladeshi universities—North South University and BRAC University—have been ranked in 1001-1200 bracket.

DU was in 601+ position in 2012, 701+ position 2014-2018. But the university’s position downgraded to 801-1000 in 2019, which continue up to the last report.

The QS ranks universities based on the following criteria: academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty student ratio, citations per faculty, international faculty ratio, international students ratio, international research network and employment outcomes.


DU scored 56.3 in employment outcomes, 34.2 in employer reputation, 27.6 in international research network, 19.4 academic reputation and 12.9 in faculty student ratio. The university did poorly in other three criteria.

BUET scored 46.8 in employment outcomes, 25.2 in employer reputation, 11.7 in international research network, 14.1 academic reputation and 21.7 in faculty student ratio. The leading engineering and technology university of the country scored 9.5 in citation per faculty and only 1.1 in international student ratio.

BRAC University scored 24.5 in employment outcomes, 20.3 in employer reputation, 13.1 in international research network, 9.1 in academic reputation and 16.9 in faculty student ratio and did poorly in other three criteria.


NSU scored 26.8 in employment outcomes, 37.2 in employer reputation, 11.2 in international research network, 10.4 in academic reputation and 14.2 in international student ratio.

This year’s QS World University Rankings include almost 1,500 institutions from around the world, says the QS website.

In contrast to Bangladesh, 41 Indian universities were listed in the ranking while three of them was among best 200. Pakistan’s thirteen universities also ranked with three of them among best 500.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of USA topped the list for the 11th consecutive time, followed by University of Cambridge, Stanford University in USA, University of Oxford and Harvard University.

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