The prime minister said that the government has already distributed special cards for the low-income people.

She mentioned that the government is providing rice at a lower price (Tk 30 per kilogram) after buying at a higher price.

“Keeping the holy Ramadan in mind, the government will provide rice to an additional 10 million people at a rate of Tk 15 per kg,” the prime minister said.

She also said that the government is providing 20 kilograms of rice each month to people who are not eligible for works.

“Like this way we are giving people rice, edible oil, daal (lentil), sugar and other necessary items at fair price through fair price cards,” she said.

She urged the affluent people to extend their assistance towards the needy people during Ramadan.

She requested all to remain vigil so that none can adulterate food, resort to hoarding, black marketeering and create artificial crisis of essentials items.

In this connection she urged Imams to tell about this during the Khutba in Jummah prayer on Friday.

“Food adulteration, hoarding and black marketeering are illegal and unnecessary give sufferings to people. You should speak on these matters more to the people and you can say during the Khutba to make people aware regarding this,” Sheikh Hasina said.

The PM said that Islam is the religion of peace and it teaches tolerance towards other religions.

“Even our Prophet (PBUH) teaches us that,” PM Hasina said. She mentioned about Surah Kafirun from Holy Quran in this regard.

She said that no one gives authority to anyone to punish or kill another person for not following a particular religion.

“Allah gives us lives, and He has the supreme authority to give lives and take lives,” she said.

She said that those who believe in Islam genuinely must have tolerance towards other religions.

“In Bangladesh all religions have the same rights, people will perform their respective religious rituals, Allah will judge everything (on the Doomsday), He do not give that right to any human, all have to remember that,” she said.

Hasina said that killing in the name of Islam only bring bad names for this religion.

“That is very much regretful, this is happening at instigation of a few people, why we will accept that, we believe in peace, tolerance and welfare of the mankind,” she said.

She mentioned that we all have to follow the instruction of the Holy Quran, Hadith and the Biday Hajj Speech of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

State minister for religious affairs ministry Md Faridul Haque Khan and secretary Kazi Enamul Hassan also addressed the programme.

Later, she exchanged views with the cross section of people of Agoiljhara of Barishal, Fulbaria of Mymensingh and Tetulia of Panchagarh. A documentary on the model mosques was screened at the programme.

Earlier, on 10 June, 2021 and 16 January, 2023, PM Hasina inaugurated 100 model mosques in the first and second phases simultaneously across the country. The project aims at spreading the true messages of Islam for removing misconceptions about religion.