Sacked DAG Imran not coming out of residence since return from US embassy

Imran Ahmad Bhuiyan

Recently dismissed deputy attorney general (DAG) Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan has been staying in his home in the capital's Lalmatia area since his return from the US embassy on Saturday. He has not come out of his residence since then.

Imran did not pick up calls from this correspondent on Monday. Earlier on Sunday he told Prothom Alo that he is staying at his home.

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Mahfuzul Haque Bhuiyan, officer in charge of Mohammadpur police station said he went to DAG Imran’s house on Friday night and he is not feeling insecure. Imran did not file any general diary (GD).

The OC said he learnt that DAG Imran is staying at home.

Imran sought refuge at the US embassy due to fear of arrest following a statement by the law minister. After staying at the embassy for more than three hours, he returned to his residence with a police escort, upon assurance that he will not be harmed.

Imran Ahmed Bhuiyan came to the spotlight when he told the media on the High Court premises that Dr Muhammad Yunus is a respected figure and his honor is being disregarded through judicial harassment.

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He further disclosed that the attorney general's office was preparing a statement condemning world leaders for their call to cease the harassment of Dr Yunus, and he will not sign the statement.

On Thursday, Imran was dismissed from his position on charges of breaching the discipline.

The law ministry issued a notification in this regard, saying the dismissal was made in accordance with an order issued by the president.