No one can enter with arms from Myanmar: Home minister

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan replies to questions from the media after a meeting to exchange views with Chattogtam police. Friday afternoon at the office of the Chattogram district superintendent of policeProthom Alo

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan said, “No one with arms will be allowed to enter Bangladesh from Myanmar. A few members of Myanmar’s rebel group Arakan Army may have come over with some discarded arms. They have all been caught and BGB has detained them. You may be rest assured that our BGB has taken a firm stance. There is no way anyone can enter with arms.”

The home minister was replying to questions from journalists Friday afternoon at the office of the Chattogram district superintendent of police. He said, “It is not just the Arakan Army but many rebels groups all over Myanmar who are fighting against the junta government. The Arakan Army has long been fighting in this region and that is why firing and explosions are heard. Many government forces, Border Guard Police (BGP) and government officers and employees fled over into our country to save themselves. We have stepped up our BGB force. The Coast Guard, navy and police are on alert.”

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In reply to a question from the media about Dr Yunus, the minister said, “We are doing nothing outside of the law. Dr Yunus’ issue is a matter of the court. We are simply implementing the court orders.”

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Saying that the upazila election will not be held with the ‘boat’ symbol, the home minister said, “We have decided not to use the ‘boat’ symbol other than in the national election. This is our instructions for all elections. As the ‘boat’ symbol will not be used, the candidates can contest with their respective symbols. This will prove how popular the candidates are.”

Referring to the role of the law enforcement agencies in the national election, the minister said, “The security forces presented a free election all over Bangladesh through the election commission. That was also the pledge of the prime minister, that the election would be free, fair and good. Not just the people of this country, but people all over the world observed that this election was carried out well. No one could say anything about it. The prime minister’s development journey will progress as before.”

When asked about BNP’s cal to topple the government, the minister said, “They say so many things, but the people reject them. They realise that unless they can pull of a conspiracy or their foreign masters intervene, they will not be able to win any election. That is why they did not join the election. The people have turned away from them"

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