On 1 November last year, an event took place at Dhaka’s Residential School and College grounds to commemorate the anniversary of Kishor Alo. Nayeemul Abrar died after being electrocuted there on that day.

On 12 November this year, the court framed charges in this case against nine persons including Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman and dropped charges against Anisul Hoque.

Earlier the Editors Council expressed concerned over the charges framed against Matiur Rahman and eight others in the tragic and unfortunate incident. It said that Matiur Rahman had been accused in the case even though he had not been present at the Kishor Alo anniversary event. The Editors Council, expressing respect for the rule of law, said that it was a matter of concern that charges had been framed against him despite not being present at the event.

Earlier on 17 November, 18 eminent citizens issued a statement expressing their apprehension that the case was being used to curtail press freedom. They called upon all concerned to refrain from such efforts. They said one blow after the other was being dealt to press freedom in the country. In the past too, cases were filed to harass Matiur Rahman and other eminent free-thinking editors of the country. There was no reason to see this case as anything different. They demanded that all the accused, including the Prothom Alo editor, have the right to full legal remedy in the case.