Noting that Bangladesh is a country of communal harmony, Abdul Hamid hoped that the country’s Buddhist community would play a proper role in the development of Bangladesh upholding the ideals of Buddha.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, in her message, said overcoming all fears, greed and interest, Gautama Buddha had preached the messages of non-violence, friendship and compassion throughout his life for the peace and welfare of mankind.

Establishing an ideal society through peace and harmony was his only objective, she added.

Mentioning that Bangladesh is a land of communal harmony, the prime minister said people of all religions are practicing their respective religions here without facing any obstruction.

She hoped that the country’s Buddhist community, inspired by the ideals of Gautama Buddha, will reach themselves at new height in their knowledge and skills.

As the whole world, including Bangladesh, is in turmoil today as a result of the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus infection, both the president and the premier hoped that all Buddhists will celebrate the festival in accordance with proper hygiene rules.

The day is a public holiday.

On the occasion, newspapers will publish different articles while Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television (BTV) and private TV channels will broadcast special programmes highlighting the significance of the day.

The celebrations usually start with lighting of lamps and hoisting of the national and religious flags atop the Mohabihar and chanting of sacred verses from Tripitaka.

The Buddhist devotees are expected to offer various gift items, including fruits, flowers and candles, to statues of Lord Buddha throughout the day.