Who’s the pale doll-like child lying in the morgue?

People crowd the Dhaka Medical College Hospital morgue in search of their missing relatives.Prothom Alo

The body of a girl child aged about two and a half to three is lying on the floor of Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s morgue. Her ponytail is still intact.

She was wearing a gray short sleeved T-shirt and blue trousers. The girl had smudges of ash on her wrist, face and clothes.

She was wearing socks, but there were no shoes on her feet. The sock on her left foot had slid halfway down. It seemed like some pale, worn doll of a child has been laid down on the floor.

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The body of the child had been rescued from the fire at the multi-storey building on Bailey Road in the capital on Thursday night.

While visiting Dhaka Medical College Hospital morgue on Friday morning, her body was found lying on the floor. The piece of paper attached to her chest labeled her as an unidentified body.

Since the employees of forensic department had been collecting her samples, the body wasn’t covered. Three more bodies including that of a woman were lying beside her.

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Assistant sub-inspector at Ramna police station, Masum Ahmed said that the bodies of those four people lying in the morgue are unidentified bodies from the fire accident at the multi-storey building on Bailey Road.

A worker of the forensic wing of police’s criminal investigation department (CID) along with another worker of Dhaka district administration named Joy also confirmed this information.

The building on Bailey Road caught fire at around 9:45pm on Thursday. After the fire was put out, the victims were rescued and taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital alongside Sheikh Hasina Burn and Plastic Surgery Institute.

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The building catching fire had seven floors. It housed an eatery named ‘Kacchi Bhai’ on the second floor and a clothing shop on the third floor. Plus, there were more restaurants on the upper floors. It usually sees a rush in the evening, with people dining out with their families.

The death toll in the fire has increased to 46. Meanwhile, 22 people have sustained severe injuries. It is being feared that the number of death in this accident can rise even further.

Out of all the deceased persons, 40 bodies have been identified so far. And the bodies of 35 people have been handed over to their relatives. Among the deceased, 27 bodies have been identified at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

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