48pc of hospitals designated for treating malnutrition remain inactive

The number of children below five years in the country is 16,000,000. Of them, some 2.3 per cent or 360,000 are suffering from acute malnutrition. The weight of the children suffering from acute malnutrition remains low as compared to their height. In some cases their weight decreases drastically. These children have a weak immune system. The mortality rate among these children is high.


India, Thailand on board to include Bangladesh in Trilateral Highway project

India and Thailand have agreed to include Bangladesh in the India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway project, foreign secretary Masud Bin Momen said on Tuesday.


Najmul shows why patience and perseverance is so vital

Najmul Hossain, the left-handed batter knows it well. In recent years the batter faced myriad of trolls from every corner of the cricket frenzied nation and almost became the symbol of mockery.


AL to be responsible if the next election becomes uncertain: Fakhrul

“We won't engage in any talks with her. Why should we hold a dialogue with her when she doesn't keep her word? That's why we didn't talk about dialogue for once,” said opposition BNP's secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.