Home minister not sure if Benazir is in the country or not

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan was chief guest at the event organised by central Chhatra League for madrasa students at the TSC auditoriumCollected

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan does not know if the former inspector general of police (IGP) Benazir Ahmed is in the country or not. He said, "I do not know for sure if he is in the country or not. I shall have to find out first before I can say."

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The home minister was speaking to journalists today, Saturday, after an event held at the Dhaka University Teachers Students Centre (TSC). Yesterday, Friday, Prothom Alo and other news outlets reported that Benazir Ahmed has left the country after allegations of corruption had arisen against him.

In reply to journalists' questions about Benazir leaving the country, the home minister said, "We have not imposed any restriction on him as yet. If he has left before such restriction.... I do not know for sure whether he has gone or not. I will find out and say. I am not certain if he is here or has left. My police force is doing a good job, tackling many challenges. If any individual does anything, the institution does not take the liability."

In reply to another question, the home minister said, "If anyone commits an offence, amasses wealth illegally, we have laws in the country and justice will be done. We have nothing to say. We still do not have information on what wrong he has or hasn't done. Investigations are being carried out. After investigations it can be said if he is guilty, not guilty or how much wealth he has amassed, whether he has evaded taxes or concealed the wealth he has made. Our relevant departments are probing these matters. It would not be right for me to speak before the investigations."

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About Anwarul Azim's murder

The journalists also asked the home minister about the killing of MP Anwarul Azim MP. He said, the honourable member of parliament was killed in India. That is why the case has been filed in India and the trial will be there. India has a prisoner exchange extradition agreement with the US and so India will appeal to them since the incident took place in their country. If it was in our country, we would appeal. Then the main case would be ours.

The home minister said, "Everyone, including the prime minister, is concerned about this case. The criminals, those who committed the killing or aided in the killing, will be tried according to the law. Investigations are still on. We still cannot say where he is. We are taking measures based on what we have learnt. If they involve us where the killing took place, then we will go and get involved."

Home minister had been chief guest at the concluding part and prize-giving at a speech competition for madrasa students on "Our Bangabandhu" arranged by central Chhatra League at the TSC auditorium.

Chhatra League central president Saddam Hossain presided over the event, moderated by general secretary Sheikh Wali Asif. The main discussant at the programme was the prime minister's education and cultural affairs advisor Kamal Abdul Naser Chowdhury. Also speaking on the occasion were central Chhatra League's madrasa education affairs secretary Zahirul Islam.

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