Zafrullah Chowdhury went on to say, the home minister said he had provided security to all temples, but that was not so. And so the responsibility falls in the home minister. That is why he demanded the resignation of the home minister.

The founder of Gonoshasthya Kendra said, "I have come to beg forgiveness from the families of those who were killed. We failed to save them. The government failed to protect the lives and property of Hindus, Muslims, everyone. The government should resign and set up a national government, reinstate democracy."

Zafrullah Chowdhury first visited two damaged temples in Hajiganj bazar. Later he met with two families of the four killed persons.

He was accompanied by Bhasani Onushari Parishad secretary general Rafiqul Islam, members Sadia Arman and Hasibuddin Hossain, Gonoshasthya Kendra press advisor Jahangir Alam and Shaheed Asad's younger brother Moniruzzaman, among others.