This means the amount of default loan in percentage was 9.36 per cent.

In June this year, the default loan amount was Tk 125,257 crore while the amount in September 2021 was 101,150 crore. In the third quarter of this year (July-September), the default loan increased by Tk 91.39 billion.

The amount of default loan at the state owned banks is Tk 605.02 billion while the amount at the private banks is 666.95 billion. The foreign banks have default loan of Tk 29.7 billion while the specialised banks have Tk 42.77 billion.

Of the amount of loan the private banks distributed, the default per cent is 6.20 while the amount is 23 per cent for the state owned banks.

The default loan percentage point against total loan for the foreign banks is 4.77 while the amount is nearly 12 per cent for the specialised banks.

Bankers said there were huge waivers in repaying loans due to the coronavirus pandemic in the last two years. Nobody was declared defaulter at the time. But the waivers have been withdrawn this year. As a result, the amount of default loan is increasing.

In this context, the defaulters have demanded for waivers again. The Bangladesh Bank is also working to this end, according to sources.