TECNO unveils universal tone imaging technology


TECNO, a global pioneer in mobile imaging technology, is proud to unveil its latest groundbreaking leap in camera technology, TECNO universal tone–the most advanced AI-Powered multi-skin tone imaging technology that integrates the industry's newest spectral database and insights, stated a press release. 

Self-developed by TECNO, the technology was enhanced through joint research and development in cooperation with color science academics from leading global universities, with newly collected and analyed data from scientific research integrated into the system.

The universal tone technology made its debut in the captivating 'Portrait for Everyone' short film produced by BBC StoryWorks on 25 October. Created to deliver precise representations of skin tones, TECNO universal tone embodies inclusivity and customisation.

General manager of TECNO, Jack Guo highlights the brand's commitment to fostering a positive mindset through technological development. The technology employs a rigorous scientific, data-based approach to ensure an accurate reflection of the diverse beauty of users worldwide.

TECNO Universal Tone technology incorporates three engines: the multi-skin tone restoration engine, the local-tuning engine and the AI-powered computational portrait engine.

The multi-skin tone restoration engine utilises a scientific approach, featuring the industry's largest diversified spectral database. It covers frequently overlooked skin colors, eliminating bias in technology. This engine allows for the creation of an inclusive skin tone scale and precise representation.

The local-tuning engine tailors solutions for diverse real-world scenarios, considering local environments, lighting conditions and color temperatures to achieve a harmonious output.

The AI-powered computational portrait engine delivers a personalised and localised portrait imaging experience. It considers aesthetic preferences, facial features and skin tones unique to each region, ensuring enhanced accuracy, texture, and personalised beauty enhancements.

In synergy, these engines optimise TECNO universal tone. The multi-skin tone restoration engine calibrates skin tones, the local-tuning engine restructures facial tones and analyses the environment, and the AI-powered computational portrait engine applies a personalised algorithm aligned with regional preferences.

Kaida Xiao, associate professor at the University of Leeds, emphasises the data-based approach in developing accurate colour cards for each skin tone. The universal tone technology ensures accurate identification and optimisation of individual skin tones, setting a new standard for diversity and true-to-life portraits.

TECNO, guided by its user-centric philosophy and ‘Stop at Nothing’ strategy, continues to pursue innovation. The development of TECNO universal tone marks a significant milestone in creating a more inclusive smartphone industry, emphasising the brand's commitment to enhancing user lifestyles globally.

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