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A Bangladesh-India joint film venture 'Mayar Janjal' has secured its place among top 10 films at the esteemed Fipresci-India or The Indian Chapter of the International Federation of Film Critics. Popular Bangladeshi actress Aupee Karim is a part of the film. The much-talked-about film will be exhibited in a film festival in Los Angeles in the USA next month.

Aupee Karim in an interview with Prothom Alo on Wednesday, talked about the film and her role.

Here is what she said:


How does it feel to be the part of a film that is featured among top 10 films of prestigious Fipresci-India?

Undoubtedly, it feels very happy. The movie has been screened in several festivals and bagged a number of awards. It’s a big achievement for me to work in the film.

The film was honoured in multiple festivals. Are you proud?

I didn’t work in cinema much. Screening 'Mayar Janjal' in any corner of the world means audiences are seeing my performance too. It is a big deal. I believe we would be present in situ in those fests if the pandemic wasn’t here. That would add some more feathers to my cap.

You worked in a film after 14 years. What made you make the comeback?

Well, in most of the dramas, I am the central character. This film is not like that. My presence and dialogues in the film are very brief. Many may ask why would I agree to work in such a film? My first reason is, I was very eager work with the director Indranil Roy Chowdhury as his film ‘Pharing’ is one of my favourites. Moreover, the story of the film is very inspiring. I did the film for its storyline. The second reason is Ritwick Chakraborty. It was my long time desire to share the screen with him.


You teach at a university. The university is also closed in corona times. Also, there’s no shooting. How does a busy person like you spend time stuck at home?

I am not that free. A new mother doesn’t have time to sleep even. I listen and sing to my daughter and read out rhymes. That's how time passes. Rashni, my daughter keeps me busy now.

Did your life change after becoming mother?

Life has become different. My parents were there for me all my life. My father passed away few days ago. My mother was diagnosed with Covid-19 after that. I could not even visit her. I never thought this would happen. This is really a different world. Rashni gave me a complete different role- a mother.

*This interview, originally published in Prothom Alo print edition, has been rewritten in English by Farjana Liakat

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