A diabetic patient can consume three to four pods of a ripe jackfruit. However, it must be remembered that no sweet fruit such as mango, banana, watermelon, ripe papaya or dates can be eaten on the same day.


One can either eat a medium-sized or half of a large-sized mango in one day.


A diabetes patient may never eat more than six lychees a day. But they have to exclude any other sweet fruit from their diet on that particular day.


Many believe as watermelon is high in water content, it won’t increase the sugar level much. This is a myth. A diabetic person can consume just one slice of a watermelon in a single day.


Blackberries play crucial role in controlling the sugar and fat level of blood. So, diabetes patients can eat as much blackberries as they wish, without worrying.

Points to be noted

· It is better to consume whole fruit instead of drinking juice or smoothies because it keeps the fibre intact.

· Do not eat fruit together with main course (lunch or dinner) because, the main course includes rice, or bread-like carbohydrates already. Eat fruit as snacks or in the afternoon. Practice eating snacks on a regular basis.

· You can use carbohydrate counting methods to measure your sugar intake. In other words, you have decrease the intake of other carbohydrates on the day you are eating a sweet fruit.

* Hasina Akter is a clinical nutritionist at Labaid