Ten home remedies to get rid of foot odor

Use cotton socks

For some people, foot odor turns into a reason of annoyance for the people standing next to them. Many even feel embarrassed for dragging the smell along with them. But why do the feet create such a bad odor?

There are several reasons behind this. Sweat and bacteria are significant ones among them. The tendency to wear shoes and socks increases during winter. And that’s why people’s feet smell the most in winter.

Wearing shoes made of rexine, plastic or thick leather in this season restricts the air circulation around the feet. In the absence of air flow, bacteria then create the bad odor on feet.

However it’s not that the thick socks or heavy shoes are the only reasons that trigger sweating. Many have a tendency of profuse sweating and their feet sweats for the slightest reasons and spreads odor. Besides, there are some physical conditions that can also cause smelly feet.

Wear lightweight shoes made of leather or cotton.


1.  Wear lightweight shoes made of leather or cotton. Use cotton socks.

2.    Wearing heavy shoes and socks made of nylon or polyester can cause foot odor. Wearing these shoes and socks also restricts the blood circulation on the feet. So it’s better to avoid these.

3.   Change your socks every day. Wash used socks properly with detergent. It’s even better not to use the same pair of shoes every day. You can put your shoes to dry in the sun at least twice a week.

4.   Antibacterial powders can be sprinkled inside the socks or the shoes. You can also use talcum powder, boric acid or deodorants.   

6.   After returning home, you can clean your feet with alcohol wipes.

Dipping your feet in water containing half teaspoon of Epsom salt for 20 minutes can also relieve you from smelly feet.

7.   Despite following the rules, those who sweat profusely from their feet can apply dry lotion on their feet.

Upon returning home from the office, put off your shoes and let your feet breathe in fresh air.

8.   Remove dead skin cells from the feet and trim the nails on time.

9.   Those who work at a desk for a long period of time can wear sandals at the office except for formal meetings.

10.  Upon returning home from the office, put off your shoes and let your feet breathe in fresh air. And, store the shoes somewhere where air can pass through them. If the shoes get wet for some reason, they shouldn’t be used without drying first.

If the foot odor doesn’t go away even after following these tips, a dermatology expert must be consulted.

*The author Himel Biswas is a resident physician at Square Hospital, Dhaka

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