Six dinner-party tips to make your winter weekend festive

A decorated winter dinner party table.Collected

The relieving moments of a weekend are perfect occasions to hold get-togethers. And what better way to get your near-and-dear ones together than to throw a dinner fiesta where everyone can enjoy a hearty chat over some warm and delicious food?

With the mercury falling, there's no better feeling than huddling around a warm fire and relishing some home-cooked delicacies in the company of our loved ones.

However, the onus of throwing a dinner party can be pretty exhausting with so many preparations at hand, right from setting the table to deciding the menu and so on.

Worry not, for here we are with six helpful tips which could lessen the load and make your party a resounding success without too much effort.

Set some lively décor

Food is the major attraction of a dinner party, but it doesn't mean the setting in which it is served can be ignored.

Set your decor in such a manner that the guests get zoned into the festive vibe the moment they enter the dining room.

Keep in mind that it's winter time as well, so use colour schemes which evoke more warmth, but at the same time bring some cheeriness and energy to the occasion.

Choose a quirky dress code

Whether you are a bunch of devoted Potterheads or have a huge liking for comic-book superheroes, seize the occasion of the party to get everyone dressed up as one of them.

Choose a dress code based on your guests' overall liking and let the dress-up begin. To make things even more fun, ask guests to carry food the same colour as their outfits.

Arrange some games for recreation

Games add life and cheer to any gathering of people. A game of "truth or drink" or "spin the bottle" before going in for the food would liven up the atmosphere of the party.

It would also make the party a bit more fun than it would've been otherwise.

Set up a well-stacked drinks station

In any party which doesn't include kids, drinks are quintessential.

A drinks station fully stocked with winter favourites would prove to be an excellent accompaniment to the rich, warm food everyone brings to the table.

Let the dinner table be the star

If it's a dinner party, everything can be perfect. But if the dinner table does not pass the vibe check, it's not a successful party. Arrange it neatly but not mundanely.

Make creative designs using napkins and set up some candles to add a little pizzazz to the centrepiece of your party.

Choose your playlist for a dance-out

End the party by dancing your heart out to some groovy and catchy tunes.

Select a playlist filled with songs that you and your friends enjoy and get things nice and feet-tappingly energetic after having your food and drinks.