Light rain forecasted in parts of country

Moderate to thick fog may occur at some places over the river basins and light to moderate fog may occur elsewhere over the country during midnight to morning

A rickshaw puller pulls rickshaw amid torrential rain in Dhaka

Mild cold wave sweeps four districts

Rajshahi, Pabna, Naogaon and Kurigram districts are in the grip of a mild cold wave

A man rides a bicycle amid cold wave in Rangpur

Millions hunker down as storm hits US

Millions of Americans hunkered down Sunday as a major winter storm hit the eastern United States with heavy snow and ice, knocking power out to an estimated 235,000 people and counting.

Millions hunker down as storm hits eastern US

Rain, drop in temperature likely

Light to moderate fog may occur at some places over the country during late night to morning, said a release of Bangladesh Meteorological Department

Rain, drop in temperature likely

Date juice sipping birds

The extractors, locally known as Gachhi, extract delicious juice from the date tree on chilly winter mornings

Date juice sipping birds

Year’s lowest temperature 7° C disrupts life in Chuadanga

The chilly weather is disrupting normal life of people in the district and the poor people are the worst sufferers

The lowest temperature of the country this year was recorded at 7 degrees Celsius in Chuadanga on 20 December, 2021

Why we need different skincare in summer and winter

Summer is all about oily and itchy skin problems, while on the other hand, winters lead to dry and dehydrated skin conditions

Skin care

Rain likely in parts of country

Weather may remain mainly dry with partly cloudy sky elsewhere over the country

A rickshaw puller rushing with his vehicle in the rain at Picture Palace intersection in Khulna

Changing ocean currents driving extreme winter weather: Researchers

The magnitude is on the order of 1 petawatts, or 10 to the 15 power watts. Right now, the energy consumption by the entire world is about 20 terawatts, or 10 to the 12 power watts. So, 1 petawatt is ...

The ocean bed in the Straits of Florida near Key Largo, Florida. The photo was taken, on 23 September  2021

Experts seek winter plan to fight Dhaka’s air pollution

Authorities need to work out a special action plan to control Dhaka's terrible dust pollution as it turns worse in every winter, particularly from November to February, posing a serious health hazard ...

Experts seek winter plan to fight Dhaka’s air pollution
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