The BCB president told Prothom Alo, “The company that bought the title rights for the series sent the proposal to the prime minister’s office. From there, we in the board were asked would there be any problem in doing this. We said there won’t be any problems.”


Nazmul Hassan further said, during the Test match photos and videos of the Padma Bridge will be shown on TV.

However, the series is still at risk of getting blacked out in Bangladesh. Total Sports have bought the rights to broadcast the series from Cricket West Indies. But no channel from Bangladesh has bought the rights from Total Sports to broadcast the series in the country.

The BCB president said, “This has never happened that Bangladesh have played a match and it wasn’t shown in TV in Bangladesh. We have to look into why this is happening. Representatives of the company that has bought the rights (Total Sports) are coming to Dhaka today (Wednesday). We will speak with them. We have also sent a letter to Cricket West Indies about this.”

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