Ministry prepared to reopen edu institutions on 28 April

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The education ministry has taken all preparations to reopen educational institutions from 28 April, the ministry sources said.

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department has again issued a ‘heat alert’ this morning.

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The BMD sources said the heat alert might be in place for the next three days. Against this backdrop, the education ministry has disclosed about its preparation to reopen educational institutions.

The ministry thinks that the current heatwave is not the same in every region of the country. And the temperature is not the highest ever in the country. This led the ministry to take all preparation to reopen the educational institutions on 28 April.

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As part of the preparation, the students will have to refrain from all the outside-class activities. Daily assembly will remain suspended until further notice.

The ministry also plans to run academic activities on Saturdays, a weekly holiday, from 4 May until further notice, said the education ministry sources.

On 20 April, all schools, colleges, madrasah and technical educational institutions were shut till 28 April due to heatwave. The educational institutions were supposed to reopen from 21 April after Eid-ul-Fitr and other holidays.