46th BCS: PSC’s message to candidates

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The submission of the application for the 46th BCS has started. The Public Service Commission (PSC) has requested the candidates to fill-up the forms carefully, emphasising that the responsibility for any mistakes lies with the applicants. And those who are going to use false information will face consequences.

Asked about this, a top PSC official told Prothom Alo, “There are two types of candidates who provide wrong information in their BCS applications. The first type provides false information deliberately and the second type gives wrong information mistakenly.”

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Candidates have been warned by the PSC official that false or incorrect information will not be tolerated. The PSC will not entertain any appeals for corrections in already submitted applications.

Candidates are urged to meticulously fill out the forms, as providing false information could lead to the cancellation of applications, recruitment, or even termination of employment, as stipulated in the Public Service Commission Act.  

Recent actions by the PSC, such as the cancellation of the recruitment of four individuals from the 41st BCS in the administration, foreign affairs, and education cadre, serve as a clear message that immediate actions will be taken if evidence of the use of false information is found. 

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Meanwhile, around 400 applications have been submitted as of Tuesday morning for the 46th BCS since 10 December.

The PSC has stressed on submitting the application without any mistake this time. It has urged the candidates to fill-up each of the steps properly without any mistake.

Speaking to the newspersons, PSC chairman MD Sohrab Hossain told Prothom Alo, “Filling up the forms properly is also a qualification. It will ensure that neither the PSC nor the candidate will have to suffer for this.”

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The PSC chairman emphasised the importance of candidates taking their time and being honest when filling out the forms for the 46th BCS.

The deadline for applying for the 3,140 posts under the 46th BCS is set to end on 31 December, with the preliminary exam expected to take place in March.

The PSC had published the circular for the 46th BCS on 30 November.