Tawhida Shiropa, ‘Moner Bondhu’ featured in Vogue Business 100 Innovators List

Tawhida Shiropa

Casting a proud spotlight on Bangladesh, Tawhida Shiropa and her startup ‘Moner Bondhu’ have been recognised in the Vogue Business 2023 Innovators List as 'Sustainability Thought Leaders', stated a press release.

This recognition marks a crowning moment in their persistent journey to usher in an era of sustainability, inclusivity and equity within the society, most importantly impacting the RMG sector and fashion industry of Bangladesh.

Since its inception in 2016, Moner Bondhu has stood as a beacon of hope, offering affordable and accessible mental health and wellness services to garment factory workers, women, and young people in Bangladesh.

Their collaboration with BGMEA and support for the RMG workers in 50 different factories showcases Moner Bondhu's role in fostering a fashion industry that embodies diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability at its core.

This is further reflected in their unwavering support during the COVID-19 pandemic, where they provided 24/7 free video and tele-counseling, marking a solid stance in their commitment to societal wellbeing.

The Vogue Business Innovators List 2023 highlights the trailblazers and organisations steering the fashion industry towards a promising future, grounded in sustainability and inclusivity.  

This year's list pays homage to the relentless visionaries, founders, activists, organisers and designers - united with a common endeavor to recalibrate the fashion industry within the realms of planetary boundaries by minimising waste, optimising resource utilisation and paving innovative pathways towards a revitalised industry.

Tawhida Shiropa, who is the guiding force behind ‘Moner Bondhu’ has carved out a notable niche as a potent advocate for women's health. Through her visionary leadership, ‘Moner Bondhu’ extends low-cost, accessible mental health and wellness services to a wide societal spectrum, including garment factory workers, women, and youth, facilitating initiatives encompassing counseling, workshops, beauty, and nutrition to nurture wellbeing and positive mental health.

On this occasion Tawhida Shiropa shared her heartfelt sentiments, "Being recognised by the Vogue Business Innovators List is not just an honor, but a encouraging affirmation of the journey we've undertaken at Moner Bondhu.” 

“It’s a beautiful reminder that our endeavors, firmly grounded in empathy and compassion, are resonating and sparking a movement towards significant change in the industry. As we move forward, this serves as a fervent beacon, fueling our journey with renewed spirit and enthusiasm.”

As Bangladesh celebrates this remarkable achievement, Tawhida Shiropa and ‘Moner Bondhu’ extend their gratitude to Vogue Business and the global community for this monumental acknowledgment.

This recognition not only stands as a call to action but also as a source of inspiration, urging continued endeavors towards fostering innovation and catalysing positive change, transcending beyond the confines of the fashion industry.