Dhaka summons Myanmar ambassador today

The Rakhine hills are seen in Myanmar from the Tumbru west border of Bandarban in Bangladesh. The paddy field is in Bangladesh
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Dhaka has summoned Myanmar ambassador Aung Kyaw Moe to the foreign ministry over the death of two in Bangladesh by a mortar shell that crossed the border. Bangladesh will strongly protest the incidents of violence in Myanmar that spill over in the border.

The Myanmar ambassador has been summoned to the ministry today, sources said.

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Fierce fighting has been going on in Myanmar’s Rakhine state between the army and the insurgent group Arakan Army. The clash in Myanmar has frightened Bangladeshi residents near the border area. Many villagers left their homes to safer places as the sound of constant fighting on the other side of the border continued.

In the last two days, a total of 106 border guards of Myanmar fled to Bangladesh. They have been disarmed and taken to Border Guard Bangladesh’s (BGB) custody. Myanmar has already started contacting Bangladesh to bring back its border guard members.

Foreign minister Hasan Mahmud told journalists yesterday that Bangladesh has  continuous communication with Myanmar. The Myanmar state minister for foreign affairs communicated with the Bangladesh ambassador on Monday.

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“They will take back their border guard members. Now we have been discussing the mode of transport, whether planes or boats would be used to take them back,” said the minister.

The foreign minister was asked about involvement of any third country or the United Nations over the border situation.

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“Our border is sufficiently protected. Since they fled their country, we gave them shelter. There is no question of involving any third country here as the two countries have engaged in discussions.”

Diplomatic sources said Myanmar wants to take back BGP members through the Naf river.