Prothom Alo will always continue independent journalism: Simeen Rahman

Mediastar Limited and Transcom Group's CEO Simeen Rahman is speaking at an event marking Prothom Alo's 24th founding anniversary at Radisson Blu Hotel in the city on SaturdayProthom Alo

From Bangladesh’s top newspaper, Prothom Alo has now become the world’s topmost Bangla media platform.

Prothom Alo is celebrating its 24th founding anniversary with the slogan- ‘Prothom Alo 24 in truth and news'.

Next year the daily will complete a quarter of a century. And in 2098, Prothom Alo will reach the centenary. A newer generation will witness that milestone then.

Such optimism was expressed by Simeen Rahman, chief executive officer (CEO) of Prothom Alo’s publishing company Mediastar Limited and Transcom Group.

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She hoped this in her speech at a reception event with dignitaries in the capital's five-star Radisson Blu Water Garden hotel today, Saturday, marking Prothom Alo’s 24th founding anniversary.

People from different class and creed joined the friendly gathering.

The event began with a rendition of instrumental music at 8pm. Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman gave the welcome speech there.

Best journalist of the year award, launched in the name of late Mediastar Limited and Transcom Group chairman Latifur Rahman will be given in this event. The award was introduced just last year. This is the second time the award is being given.

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Simeen Rahman began her speech solemnly remembering late Latifur Rahman. How much Latifur Rahman loved Prothom Alo, came up in her speech as well.

She said her father Latifur Rahman, the founding chairman of Transcom Group used to eagerly wait for Prothom Alo’s founding anniversary programme every year. He had a different level of love towards Prothom Alo. That love stemmed from emotion and patriotism.

For the past 24 years, Prothom Alo has been working as an authentic voice of the people of Bangladesh. Prothom Alo is uncompromising and practices truthfulness.

Everyone at Prothom Alo does fearless journalism, and the late chairman took pride in it. Prothom Alo will always keep this ideology. Simeen Rahman thinks this year’s slogan ‘Prothom Alo 24 in truth and news' has been appropriate in a word.

While speaking of Latifur Rahman’s ethics and values, Simeen Rahman said that he had a distinct characteristic for ethical business. And, that reflects in Prthom Alo’s outlook of standing by the truth.

In her speech, Simeen Rahman spoke specially of Prothom Alo editor Matiur Rahman.  She said the name Matiur Rahman has become synonymous to Prothom Alo now.

At the time she gave instance of two slogans about Prothom Alo, coined by Matiur Rahman. The slogans are ‘Bhalor Shathe, Alor Pothe’ and ‘Shotte Totthe 24’.

Simeen Rahman said Prothom Alo has been providing its readers with authentic news for the last 24 years. And for that, Prothom Alo has gained immense trust of the readers.

Simeen Rahman talked of Prothom Alo’s evolvement in the leaderaship of its editor Matiur Rahman.

She said, “From being Bangladesh’s best daily, Prothom Alo has now risen to world’s top Bangla media platform. I feel proud that you (Matiur Rahman) have led Prothom Alo into being the world’s top Bangla media platform.”

Mentioning about readers shifting towards digital platforms Simeen Rahman added that Prothom Alo too has taken notice of it and taking necessary initiatives in this regard.

Prothom Alo is pushing forward with this changing trend of Bangladesh and will keep up with every global trend in future as well.

She said, whether it comes to print or digital, Prothom Alo has always been diverse and will always continue the practice of independent journalism.

Transcom Group CEO Simeen Rahman said late chairman Latifur Rahman wanted to build up Prothom Alo as an institution that will pass a century. He has sown the same dream in them as well.

Next year Prothom Alo will celebrate its silver jubilee. By the grace of the almighty it will reach the centennial in 1998. She added, “We won’t be there that day. But, our beloved Bangladesh will be. So, a newer generation will be the witness of that milestone.”

Simeen Rahman said that Prothom Alo will evolve through various transformations. But its message will remain constant; and that’s the message of light, an enlightened Bangladesh, victory of Bangladesh, victory of Bangladeshi people