RAB arrests 25 members of 5 teen gangs in Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur

25 members of 5 teen gangs in Dhanmondi and Mohammedpur of the capital arrested during a drive by RABCollected

During a drive in Dhanmondi and Mohammedpur of the capital, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested 25 members of five teen gangs.

The concerned RAB officers said those arrested are members of five teen gangs that carry out extortion and other criminal activities in Mohammedpur Beribadh area, Adabor, Dhaka Edyan and Dhanmondi.

They use firearms to scare pedestrians and snatch away their money and valuables.

Senior assistant police super of RAB-2, Shihab Karim, told Prothom Alo today, Sunday, a drive was conducted yesterday, Saturday, in Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur and members of teen gangs were arrested.

The names of the gangs whose members have been arrested are Akhter gang, Masum gang, Pinik gang, Bappi gang and Limon gang.

These gangs are involved in taking and trading drugs. During the day they work as drivers, driver assistants, shop assistants, construction workers, second-hand goods salesmen, vegetable vendors and so on, but at night they take to mugging and extortion.

There are cases of drug dealing, snatching and fighting against them in various police stations.

The RAB officer Shihab Karim said that members of these teen gangs would use local sharp weapon to fight and embroil in all sorts of crime to gain control in Dhaka Udyan, Beribadh, Adabor, Mohammadpur and adjacent areas. 

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The 25 arrested by RAB are Akhter gang head Md Akhter (24), Akhter's associate Md Shakil (19), Md Rasel (20), Md Faisal (19) and Md Ashiq (23). The others were Masum gang chief Md Masum (25), Md Shawon (23), Pinik gang's head Hasan (29), Imon (21), Bappi gang's head Md Bappi (27), Bappi's associate Abdul Jalil (27), Ashraful (22). Others were Limon gang head Md Limon (22), Limon's associate Md Faisal Prakash Alim (25), Rakib Prakash (19), Md Sumon (23), Md Firoz (32), Md Sujan Mridha (32), Md Momen Islam (20), Md Nayan (19), Md Jewel (23), Sumon Miah (21), and Md Rabel Miah (22).

All sorts of knives, cleavers, Chinese axes and other sharp weapons were recovered from them.  

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