Police suspect there was serious instigation behind the reported suicidal death of Musharrat Jahan Munia.

Taking this suspicion into consideration, police have accepted the case of instigation in connection with the death of Musharrat Jahan Munia who reportedly committed suicide in a Gulshan flat.

Speaking to newsmen on Thursday, Gulshan division deputy commissioner Sudip Kumar Chakrabarty said police have been working actively to ensure justice.

The body of Musharrat Jahan Munia was recovered on 26 April, hanging in an apartment rented in Gulshan. Earlier, Musharrat informed her family that she may be in great danger.


On that night, Musharrat's elder sister Nusrat Jahan filed a case against Sayem Sobhan Anvir, managing director of Bashundhara Group, on charges of instigating suicide.

Musharrat's family alleged the accused is not being arrested as he is influential.

About this allegation, deputy commissioner Sudip Kumar Chakrabarty said the victim's sister was not interested to inform police and lodge the case after the recovery of the body.

He also said the owner of the house informed police and they (police) rushed to the spot and saw a picture of Musharrat with Anvir hanging on the wall and found several diaries. There were some 'suicidal notes' in the diaries.

Seeing these, police felt this young woman, 21, didn't commit suicide without any reason or instigation.

Sudip Kumar Chakrabarty said on the very night police collected all the necessary information and the case was filed on the basis of immediate evidence and proof.

Gulshan division additional commissioner, assistant commissioner and Gulshan police station officer-in-charge were present on the spot on that night.

He also said police were active from the beginning so that justice is ensured in this case.

When asked about the whereabouts of the accused, the deputy commissioner said the immigration department has said the accused is in Bangladesh.

The accused uses two passports and there are no records of using those passports to leave the country.

When asked whether police found any proof of instigation for the suicide, Sudip Kumar Chakrabarty said they have recovered diaries of 2020-21. Musharrat regularly wrote till 24 April.

She had written she was going to take a big decision, but no date was given. It is assumed she wrote this on 26 April and there is an indication of instigation.

Musharrat in a page of a diary made a request to read the pages with no dates, she also mentioned those pages should not be skipped in any way.


In all of her six diaries, she has written about their strained relations. After her death, an audio on the exchange of money was found. Police will examine and verify the audio.

When asked about her last conversation and with whom, the deputy commissioner said Musharrat would use two phones. A phone was active after her death.

Police, however, did not want to disclose as to whom she talked with last. Police also did not say after how much time of her conversation, Musharrat committed suicide.

The names of Piyasa and the whip's son Sharun Chowdhury have come in the case statement.

When asked whether police will interrogate them, Sudip Kumar said the police will talk to each of those who would come during the investigation.

Police will record the relevant statements in the court under Section 164.

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