The Argentina government revealed this through a letter sent to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina through the Bangladesh ambassador in Brazil who is concurrently in charge of Argentina.

Argentina president Alberto Fernandez hoped people-to-people relations between the two countries will be stronger through opening the embassy, said a media release issued by Bangladesh embassy in Brazil on Wednesday.

This is being viewed as a major success of the government in diplomacy in the North American region due to exchange of greetings by the heads of the governments of the two countries following Argentina’s winning of FIFA World Cup 2022.

The people of Argentina and the president of the country were amazed with the support the country got from Bangladeshis during the World Cup and celebrations in Bangladesh after Argentina became the champions of the world.

Alberto Fernandez said sport is a strong and effective means of forming bonds among people.

Opening an embassy in Dhaka will facilitate the expansion of market for Bangladeshi products in North America. It will also make importing soybean oil easier from Argentina, which is the second largest producer of soybean in North America.