How Bangladeshis are amassing wealth in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) used to be the second largest source of overseas remittance for Bangladesh. In 2020-21, this country dropped to third position, with the US coming up second in its stead. It has not managed to climb back to its original position again.

On the flip side, certain cities of UAE have become the major hubs of investment for Bangladeshis. Many persons are transferring their wealth from the country to the UAE by illegal means and are investing there.


Courage, protest and pledge to go ahead

Women, who showed their courage, struggled and succeeded in different fields of the country, made a solid promise of moving ahead on the strength of their own capability following the path of honesty and truth.


Bangladesh garment factories go green as buyers demand it

Bangladesh’s garment factories have long been known for producing low-cost garments in often harsh working conditions, but international pressure for more green and sustainable clothing production is starting to change that.


NBR looks for big house-owners in districts to get new taxpayers

The National Board of Revenue has taken various steps to increase the number of taxpayers in the country in a speedy manner through identifying the capable and potential taxpayers, said NBR chairman Abu Hena Md. Rahmatul Muneem on Tuesday.


Divorced Afghan women forced back to abusive ex-husbands

Marwa was one of a small number of women who, under the previous US-backed government, were granted a legal separation in Afghanistan, where women have next to no rights and domestic abuse is endemic.