Manner in which elections are conducted in Bangladesh is clearly defined in the country's law: Russia

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria ZakharovaReuters

Russia has said the manner in which elections are conducted and organised in Bangladesh is quite clearly defined by the country's law.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made the remark while addressing a regular briefing in Moscow on 6 July, Thursday.

"By the logic of the West, it is the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the US Secretary of State who should issue some kind of recommendation on the need to form a neutral transitional government there for the pre-election period. What is this but neocolonialism? What is this but a manifestation of the nature of metropolises and their attitude towards their colonies?," she asked.

Maria Zakharova also said, "This is an attempt at blatant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state whose authorities, as we understand it, have not asked for advice on how to conduct elections."

"For our part, we support Dhaka in its desire to pursue an independent domestic and foreign policy that meets the interests of Bangladesh itself," she added.

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Earlier, the Russian spokesperson in a tweet said, “We have taken note of certain European and American politicians publishing letters calling for “free and fair” elections in Bangladesh. This is #neocolonialism and yet another attempt at blatant interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.”

The Russian foreign ministry on Friday published the full statement of its spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

In the statement she said, "We have taken note of the letters published in mid-June by six MEPs to EU high representative of the union for foreign affairs and security policy Josep Borrell as well as a number of Democratic US congressmen to secretary of state Antony Blinken, calling for assistance in conducting "free and fair" elections in Bangladesh,".

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She also said, "I have never heard that Bangladesh is a member of the European Parliament before. I haven't heard that because it isn't. I didn't know that elections in Bangladesh were connected with the US state department."

All those who are criticised by the United States or the European Union, as a rule, in the vast majority do not approach them, and ask them not to interfere in their internal affairs but to deal with their own problems at home, Maria Zakharova pointed out.

Earlier, Josep Borrell, the European Union's foreign policy chief, in a letter addressed to Ivan Stefanek, a representative from Slovakia in the European Parliament, said, "In order to foster trust in the electoral process in Bangladesh, it is essential for all parties involved to actively contribute. This includes facilitating a meaningful dialogue between the major political parties and civil society,"

He also mentioned in the letter that EU always motivates all the political parties and citizens to exercise their political rights and participate in the parliamentary elections.

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Meanwhile, the US under secretary for civilian security, democracy, and human rights, Uzra Zeya, is scheduled to visit Bangladesh from 11 to 14 July, along with assistant secretary for Central and South Asian bureau Donald Lu and deputy assistant administrator of USAID Anjali Kaur.