Man gifts 1kg green chillies at friend’s wedding

Photo shows the packet of 1kg green chillies that a man gives his friend as wedding gift in Kishoreganj.

Amid the skyrocketing price of green chillies across the country, a man presented 1kg of green chillies at his friend’s wedding in Kishoreganj on Sunday.

This rare event took place at the wedding ceremony of Mahmudur Rahman, son of lawyer Ziaur Rahman from Pashchsim Kumar village of the district’s Pakundia upazila.

SM Raihan, who is a friend of Mahmudur Rahman, presented this rare gift. Raihan said, “Price of green chillies rises to such an extent that goes beyond the purchasing capacity of general people. That is why gifting green chillies has been relevant to me. Besides, it is also a silent protest against the price hike of green chillies.”

Relatives of the bride, however, accepted this gift generously.

Khalilur Rahman, who is an uncle of bride Mahmudur Rahman, said, “Many people brought many gifts at today’s ceremony, but it is really surprising to gift green chillies, and we have accepted their gift of protest generously.”

Price of green chillies started surging several days before Eid-ul-Azha with price reportedly reaching a record Tk 1,000 in various places of the country on Saturday.

In a bid to rein in the price hike, the government permitted import of green chillies from India.

Sixty tonnes of green chillies in six trucks -- 10 tonnes each – entered the country through Bhomra land port in Satkhira on Sunday. Green chilli over Tk 500 per kg in Bangladesh while Tk 21 in India

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