The law, Digital Security Act, has been formulated to restraint the exercise of constitutional rights on freedom of thoughts and expression in the digital media. And we have been witnessing that the law is somewhat being used as the tool to torture and repress many people. But we didn’t doubt that anyone will “break free from one’s life” inside the prison after getting deprived of the opportunity to be free by being denied bail repeatedly.

Expressing his reaction, former chairman of National Human Rights Commission, Mizanur Rahman wrote in Prothom Alo online, “The death of writer Mushtaq Ahmed is a very sad incident. Such a death cannot be acceptable. The state, the government and law enforcement agencies are responsible for the death of a writer who had been detained for days simply for expressing his thoughts.” There is no logic to differ with this statement. Different government agencies and pro-government people concerned, who are involved with politics, are misusing the Digital Security Act for their petty interest. They are showing excuses of “conspiracy against the state” or anti-state propaganda, rumours, etc.

Dishonest methods are being followed to prepare charge sheet; false deposition is being recorded; time of investigation is extended by not submitting charge sheet within deadline; even time petition is not being filed in some cases; activities have been carried out capriciously. Few basic principles of the country’s supreme law and constitution are being violated; democracy and rule of law are being utterly destroyed to prevent the citizens’ freedom of thoughts and expression and the criticism of government activities in such way.

Carrying out a fair and neutral investigation is necessary to reveal the actual reason of Mushtaq’s death. Result of the investigation should be made public to the country people including his family. Ailing cartoonist Ahmed Kabit Kishore, who is now behind bars in the same case, must be released. All other people, who have been victims of the misuse of Digital Security Act and taken to jail illegally, must be released too. And we say again, an initiative must be taken to amend the law titled Digital Security Act in compliance with the constitution of Bangladesh and the international laws.

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