Egg prices soar

The price of eggs has increased by at least Tk 10 per dozen within just a week in the markets of Dhaka. However, the prices of chickens have fallen. The prices of both broiler and Sonali chickens have dropped by Tk 10 per kg.Although onion prices rose a little by the middle of last week, it dropped at the end. Prices of daily essentials, including rice, lentils and vegetables still remain high.

Speaking to the vendors and concerned persons in the capital’s Mogbazar, Malibagh and Shahjahanpur market, it has been learnt that brown eggs were being sold at a rate of Tk 135-145 per dozen and white eggs at a rate of Tk 130-135 per dozen. The price of brown eggs has increased by Tk 5-10 per dozen. The white egg price has risen by Tk 5 per dozen.

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Tanvir Hasan, an egg vendor of Malibagh market, told Prothom Alo that the supply of eggs in the market is quite low as compared to the demand. As a result, egg prices have risen.

According to the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh, eggs cost higher if bought by 'hali' (four) instead of a dozen. Each hali of farm eggs were sold at Tk 45-50 on Thursday, which was Tk 43-45 last week. It means the price of eggs has increased by 8 per cent within a week.

Bangladesh Egg Producer Association president Taher Ahmed Siddique told Prothom Alo that egg production falls during the winter due to different reasons creating an impact on the market price. However, this phase won’t be long, he said.

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Although the prices of eggs soared, chicken prices have fallen. The rate of broiler chicken is Tk 180-190 in the market at the moment. It was Tk 190-200. And the price of Sonali chicken has decreased to Tk 300-310 from last week’s rate of Tk 310-320 apiece.

Meanwhile, the price of beef was Tk 700-720 and mutton Tk 1,000-1,100 in the markets of the capital Thursday.

The fish prices remained almost unchanged. Medium sized rui fishes were being sold at Tk 320-350, and tilapia and pangash fishes were being sold at Tk 220-250 depending on the size.

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The price of local variety of onions rose to Tk 100 per kg by the middle of last week, which dropped to Tk 90 now. However, the vegetable prices still remain very high.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, Mahmud Ali of Shahjahanpur said, “We didn’t have to bargain for vegetable prices in previous years. There is no other way this year.”

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