Use of insecticide banned in Europe, US, China killing bees in Colombia, allege apiarists

Salazar and other beekeepers in the region are increasingly having to clear out mounds of dead bees from their apiaries which are surrounded by avocado and citrus plantations in an exceptionally ...

A poisoned bee agonizes as bees surrounding it try to escape at a poisoned beehive in Santa Fe de Antioquia, Antioquia department, Colombia, on 31 January 2021

86 dolphins found dead in Mozambique

Dolphins had already been discovered dead on Sunday at the same location, and total of 111 marine mammals have been found by the authorities

86 dolphins found dead in Mozambique

‘Landmark initiative’ as Bangladesh first to ban vulture-toxic drugs

Ornithologists said this is a landmark initiative to save the small remaining population of Asia’s globally threatened vultures -- an example for others like India, Pakistan, Nepal and Cambodia to ...

‘Landmark initiative’ as Bangladesh first to ban vulture-toxic drugs

Roadsides too noisy for birds to think, crickets to mate

Vehicle traffic makes it much harder for at least one species of bird to solve problems, and sharply compromises the ability of some crickets to mate

A bird perched on a bamboo in the rain at Sabujbagh, Bogura

Silent cry of the wetlands

Bangladesh's wetlands, the home of a wide variety of flora and fauna, are threatened and urgently need protection

Migratory birds at Tanguar Haor

Corals can bounce back from bleaching, if humans don’t ruin it: study

Researchers tracked corals of the Kiritimati atoll in the Pacific Ocean through the longest tropical heatwave on record, expecting the reefs to suffer mass bleaching

A handout combination of pictures released on 8 December 2020 by Marine Ecology and Conservation section of the biology department at the University of Victoria shows a comparison between two views of the same coral reef on Kiritimati (or Christmas Island coral atoll in the northern Line Islands part of the Republic of Kiribati) photographed before and after the marine heatwave and strong 2015/2016 El Nino: in May 2015 (L), and in June 2018 (R)

Focus on ‘future sustainability’ while making investments: PM Hasina

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has called for focusing on “future sustainability” while making investment as she placed a four-point proposal to save the planet from the adverse impact of climate change

This UN handout photo shows Sheikh Hasina, prime minister of Bangladesh, as she virtually addresses the general debate of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, on 26 September 2020, in New York

Study on coral degradation

St. Martin's may be depleted of coral by 2045

The country's only coral island, Saint Martin’s, may be depleted of coral by 2045, reveals a study

St. Martin's Island

California sees 7,860 wildfires, 3.4m acres burned this year

US California has suffered 7,860 wildfires, which have burned more than 3.4 million acres (about 13,759 sq km) this year, state governor Gavin Newsom said

A helicopter makes a water drop over a wildfire in the Angeles National Forest during the Bobcat Fire in Los Angeles, California, US, on 17 September 2020

No oil on dolphins washed up near Mauritius spill: Autopsy report

Environmentalists are urgently seeking an explanation for the mysterious deaths of 27 dolphins which washed ashore on Wednesday and Thursday, to determine whether they were killed by the spill

A carcass of a dolphin washed up on shore at the Grand Sable, Mauritius on 26 August 2020
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