The High Court on Tuesday summoned the Bangladesh Financial Intelligence Unit (BFIU) chief Masud Biswas over lack of information in some of the documents presented before it.

Two-member bench of justice Md Nazrul Islam and justice Khizir Hayat pronounced the order asking Masud Biswas to appear before the court at 11:00am on Wednesday.

Recently, Nathalie Chuard, Swiss ambassador in Dhaka said there are allegations that most of the money parked by Bangladeshis in the banks of Switzerland is amassed illegally. But the Bangladesh government is yet to seek any specific information from the Swiss banks or relevant authorities regarding the deposits.

You just wrote down the information on a piece of paper. There is no name, address or post. Isn’t it a manipulation?
The High Court

In this context, on behalf of the Bangladesh Bank and BFIU, documents were submitted at the court saying that the information was sought from Switzerland. But the BFIU chief has been summoned as the submitted documents do not have anyone’s name, post and seal.

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Deputy attorney general AKM Amin Uddin submitted the Bangladesh Bank and BFIU’s information before the court.

Addressing the deputy attorney general, the court said, “You just wrote down the information on a piece of paper. There is no name, address or post. Isn’t it a manipulation? Is it like a cat would eat fish, but would not wet her feet? Whatever it is, the name of the person (the officer who provided the papers to submit at court) must not come out. Why so fearful? He who supplied the information could have given a signature at least. You neither have written the name, nor gave any signature. This is extremely careless behaviour. Would anyone accept this? We can’t rely on this information. Submitting such papers is an unwarranted.”

Swiss ambassador Nathalie Chuard has said that the Bangladesh government has not yet approached the Swiss banks or the concerned authorities through any official process for any sort of information.

Later, the court issued the order summoning the BFIU chief.

Senor lawyer Khurshid Alam Khan represented the Anti-Corruption Court (ACC) at the court.

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