Post-Covid planning

Reviving the economy through agriculture

Agricultural marketing can play a vital role in overcoming the crisis of both COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 situations

Agriculture in the spotlight in COVID-hit Bangladesh.

'Indian foreign ministry ‘repentant’ for not informing us about onion export ban earlier'

I heard that the Indian Ministry of External Affairs is very repentant. Because they didn’t know about the sudden ban, Bangladesh foreign minister AK Abdul Momen on Thursday said

Foreign minister AK Abdul Momen shaking hands with his Indian counterpart S Jaishankar as Dhaka-Delhi bilateral talks begin at state guesthouse Jamuna in Dhaka on 20 Aug, 2019

TOP SHOTS (15 September 2020)

Mynas flocked to peck at chanachur spread on the railway station at Bogura on 14 September 2020.

Onion market gets unstable again

The price of onion has again shot up in different markets as the price of Indian onion has gone up by 50 per cent in just two days. Price of local onion is on the rise too

Onion market gets unstable again

Tips to preserve nutrients while cooking vegetables

Foods enriched with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are vital for boosting our immunity. Colourful and green vegetables are a crucial source of these nutrients, but the compounds can be lost if ...

Tips to preserve nutrients while cooking vegetables
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